How to create/Make Secret group in FaceBook

Secret GroupFacebook is introducing lot of New features nowadays the one of them is Secret group , they are similar to the closed group in Facebook , but it has an additional features that it does not leave any trace's like you can find closed groups but Secret groups cannot be found or can be seen once you are removed as a Member, then you cannot see it again.

Making Secret group is easy we can make it like we make normal groups, So let's get started for now

Creating a new Secret group :

  1. Login to your Facebook Account
  2. Click on create Group
  3. Select secret in drop down ahead of Privacy Label (As displayed Below)
  4. Click on the Create Button and you are done.

Modifying current group to Secret group :

  1. As usual Login to your Facebook Account
  2. Go to your current group and click on Edit Group (If you are Admin of the Group)
  3. Now you can view a page were you can change info of your group there in front of Privacy Label Select Secret
  4. click on Saves changes button now your group will be Secret

Video Tutorial :

I have also have created video tutorial for more better understandably and fun for me making those as I like to make them.
This video includes both the parts mentioned above

Hope you have liked this Facebook feature and if you like this post or video please share it and feedback would be more good as feedback is the essential part of the communication.

  • local seo pro

    One of the best FB tips I got this week! strong work!

  • James Adams

    Thanks for showing me how to set it up! I love the idea of a secret group...the fact that some people can see they haven't been invited to a group is just wayyyy too infuriating for them :/

    • Ritesh Sanap

      Yes James,
      but now due to secret groups other will not ever know what is going on because its kind of Off-Grid

  • Abby

    Love it!!
    To the point, articulate, and interesting.

  • tammy

    now how do you get it off secret? have over 4500 people and cannot take off secret

    • Ritesh Sanap

      Follow "Modifying current group to Secret group", their in Privacy option select Open or Closed instead of Secret and save it.