How to add Page navigation in thesis

Page navigationBy default thesis theme does not have Page Navigation it has Previous and Next entries which really looks bad and all of us don't like to play with it. So it results in increase of bounce rate and ultimately many more bad results like Drop in page views and CTR , etc. because of that we are now going to add Page Navigation in thesis

for adding page navigation in thesis theme we will need WP-PageNavi Plugin by Lesterz Chan. This Plugin is the core for adding the navigation it is mostly used for WordPress it can be also used for thesis just we need to tweak a bit in thesis.


Now lets Start the work , I already assume that you have installed WP-PageNavi plugin. if you haven't yet then get it installed.

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Thesis >> Custom File Editor
  3. In custom_functions.php add the below code :
    function thesis_page_navi() { ?>
    <div align='left'>
    <?php if(function_exists('wp_pagenavi')) { wp_pagenavi(); } ?></div>
    <? }
    add_action('thesis_hook_before_footer', 'thesis_page_navi');
  4. Save the file

Now you are done go outside and check your site how the page navigation is looking on your thesis theme


Hopping for customization but i m really sorry to disappoint to you all that you won't need any customization in this. Only if the Page Navigation does not appear properly then edit the CSS and if you are using some custom theme then you might need to change the hook to some appropriate hook that will suit it.

  • Sudeep Acharya

    nice idea for adding page navigation to thesis....

  • Gouri

    I feel Thesis should include page navigation in design options... Thanks for sharing this workaround.

    • Ritesh Sanap

      Your Suggestion is right but i guess you should talk with chris for that, because including that option won't bring much difference because we have to manually place it according to design

  • Delwar

    It's not really that much wonderful. I would have liked more bigger and colored page navigation. Would you give us a css to style with it?

    • Ritesh Sanap

      Well the page Navi plugin has a default CSS you can work with it :)

  • [email protected]

    Nice tutorial.Thanks for sharing.It works great.

  • ArafinShaon

    Hay dude not working properly :(

    • Ritesh Sanap

      Can you provide any specific error or more information ?

  • cec0r

    sorry it works not for me, i see the numbers on the end of page, that ist great, an i see the "? Previous Entries" that is not so good.

    why is this "? Previous Entries" there?

    • Ritesh Sanap

      you might have placed code wrongly because each thesis child theme differs from other.

  • [email protected]

    Thanks for the Page navigation php code ...i wished you could add some css code to it.