Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

Windows-8-logoI guess you all must be getting well acquainted with Windows 8 after its release and spending sometime with it, So today I will help you guys by sharing Windows 8 Shortcut keys, we usually don't get along with the new windows as long we don't know its shortcuts which help us to perform our work faster and much more efficiently

The windows shortcuts are same well most of them were same till the latest release of Windows 8 which featured new Start menu or most say Metro UI, this upgrade changed many aspects like Search, the new UI has many features such as multiwindow and window Docking so you can work with 2 applications on One screen, Also few new kinda of Windows 8 apps that can be started through the Metro UI itself, it's like a 2 Different operating system contained in One whole package.

So to work with new system Windows 8 has new shortcut keys also to help you get along with getting addicted the process, well we can still use the old basic Windows shortcut keys In addition to those their are new Windows 8 shortcut keys that I m going to share with you guys, so here's it :

Well above is the link to an PDF file that contains most of the shortcuts for Windows 8 and also whole new tips and tricks and many other list of features that Windows 8 has so i thought its best to you give guys the PDF itself and I would really like to thank the author of the PDF for his hard work but I don't know who he is, just founded it on the Internet.

I hope you all find it helpful for getting used to new Windows 8, do give me the feedback regarding the PDF I m sure you all are going to like the Windows 8 shortcut PDF

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