How to watch Hulu outside US

How to watch Hulu outside USHulu is a free Web Service that allows to watch videos on demand like Movies and TV shows in the web browser, but unfortunately like Netflix it is also limited to US only, I have already told you a workaround by using UnoTelly but it was kind of paid service so today I found something that can do it for free.

Well the new way is much more simple and it is actually Great theirs a plugin or some can say add-on for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allows users to access Hulu,Netflix and Pandora.

It works actually by using a proxy server instead of changing DNS to show that the connection is actually from US, but it is way to easy to use and no need of extra software, the plugin automatically loads the Hulu or Netflix site through the proxy server and the best thing is that is absolutely free unlike UnoTelly which is a paid service.

How to watch Hulu outside US

Error shown on Hulu when trying to Stream video from outside US

the above Image shows the error when accessing Hulu without the Media Hint add-on and the below image shows while using the plugin
How to watch Hulu outside US

Hulu Running outside US when using the Media Hint Plugin

Well as you can see the results in the above image the plugin works exceptionally fine and I really love Hulu after using Media Hint Add-on because I can see TV shows on it without leaving my computer. The Media Hint Add-on is for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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