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Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 1

Hello to you, do you know after the success of mozilla firefox 3 mozilla is developing its forth version and it has released Firefox 4 beta 1 . As all of you know Mozilla Firefox is considered the best browser in the world and Most of the Users of the Net Uses firefox so its got a demand.

Features :

  1. WebSockets

    Developers will be able to build real-time online interactions like gaming and chatting.

  2. Stylin’ Pages with CSS3

    With support for new CSS3 features, web designers can make their pages both look prettier and display faster.

  3. HTML5 Support

    A new HTML5 parser and full support for web video, audio, drag & drop, and file handling means Firefox 4 is ready to run the best web apps of both today and tomorrow.

  4. Web Console

    With this experimental analysis tool for modern sites, Firefox allows you to peek under the hood of dynamic web pages.

  5. JetPack SDK (Making Add-On Development Easier)

    Add-Ons can be installed without restarting the browser, and can be developed more easily using the new JetPack SDK and js-ctypes.

  6. Indexed DB

    Developers will be able to store application data locally, making cloud applications like Gmail or GDocs work more quickly and reliably, even when not connected to a network.

  7. Crash Protection

    Firefox provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows, Linux, and now Mac when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins. If one of these commonly-used plugins crashes or freezes, it won’t affect the rest of Firefox. Instead, you can simply reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

  8. New Add-Ons Manager

    An easier way to manage your add-ons and discover new options for personalizing your browsing.

  9. WebM and HD Video

    As pioneers of HTML5 video standards, Firefox also supports the WebM format so you can watch open HD quality video.

  10. Protecting Your Privacy

    Firefox puts your privacy first, fixing flaws in some web standards that allow bad guys to snoop around and expose your browser history.

So I think now you all are impressed and wanted to download it so Download it from here.

Change From to .com in orkut - Enjoy Better orkuting

Are you Using the Indian version of orkut ( ??
Well I would recomend Don't.. Instead Just change to .A few people were asking me How ?? Its quite Simple ...

Why Should You Change ??

  • So that you can Use the GreaseMonkey tricks On firefox.
  • Acc to me the .com pages load faster.
  • If you are in the domain and then recieve a link as a scrap with .com domain then visiting that link, creates problem for your Browser, to change the domain from to .com .

How to change ??

  • Go to the bottom of your page. See the screenshot.

  • Here Click on "Go to"
  • You Are Done.!!