How to download torrents without utorrent

whenever we go to download Torrents we need to use uTorrent or BitTorrent or any other BitTorrent client. BitTorrent clients are used to download .torrent files and has been mostly used over the globe, BitTorrent is a P-2-P(Peer 2 Peer) sharing software working on BitTorrent Protocol written by Bram Cohen.

To download torrents without any BitTorrent client we are going to use web based Torrent client that let you download the torrents without the utorrent or any other client.

BitLet is a Java based web Torrent client which lets you download torrents directly using your browser. That means you do not need any BitTorrent client and still can download your favorite movies and games. BitLet allows you directly add the URL of the Torrent file to download or you can directly upload an .torrent file from your computer.


Screenshot of

For downloading using bitlet you need Java to run the client.

Here's a picture of me downloading the Movie Saving Private Rayn. this BitTorrent client has no drawback instead the client lets you download with full speed you have and i guess its best for someone who needs to download torrents in their college or schools, then you won't need any BitTorrent client to download. if you need to download any torrent the you can checkout The Pirate Bay

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