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How to edit Hosts file on Windows, Mac and Linux

How to Edit hosts fileToday we are going to edit hosts file on our Operating System (Windows, Mac and Linux). In each and every Operating system a host file exists, which is used for mapping an IP address to a Hostname, which is somewhat similar to a DNS server, so I like to call my Hosts file a local DNS server, because it overrides the DNS servers and points to the IP address we provided for the hostname.

How to Create App shortcut in Windows 8

Windows 8 LogoWindows 8 have various wonderful apps for it, but some people or you say can many people hate to start it using Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI). because it takes time for going to it when you are frequently using it. so today I m going to show you How to Create app shortcut in Windows 8 so that you can start the apps through desktop.

How to Skip to Desktop in Windows 8

Windows-8-logoEver since Windows 8 was released their was hype for Start Menu and Metro UI which Microsoft introduced, the changes where rapid so people started having trouble getting used to new Windows 8, and this especially became troublesome for people who use their PC for production and business purposes and in One those problems was that at the start we had to see the new Metro UI which many people didn't like. So today we will learn How to Skip to Desktop in Windows 8 from Metro UI.

How to Create MultiBoot Flash Drive

Creating MultiBoot Flash Drive is really useful when you like to have many OS (Operating Systems) in your Pocket. well the ideology behind creating a MultiBoot Flash Drive is simple that is to carry all your favorite Operating Systems with you, and whenever you need. you all might be thinking why do I need this ? well the answer is pretty simple, you cannot carry the CD/DVD everytime you want to Boot or Format, well nowadays most of people use USB over CD/DVD because it is much more faster and reliable, you CD can get scratched or your CD/DVD ROM might get damaged and stop functioning, then you cannot use that CD of the Operating System. but every computer has many USB Ports at least 4 of them at the Back.