How to Check if ISP is limiting Download Speed

How to Check if ISP is limiting Download SpeedUsually whenever I goto YouTube to watch few videos, it always lag while watching the video even for a 1 minute video, I sometimes have to wait for 5 minutes for completely buffering of video, between that time I always replay the video until it has completely finished buffering and then again, replay the video from start when Buffering is complete. Now this is a way too painful and time consuming process and the fun and excitement for watching that video completely dies down. so I thought of checking if my ISP was blocking my download speed for watching videos.

How to find Duplicate Files on Computer

How to find Duplicate Files on ComputerFinding Duplicate files on Computer is comes really necessary when we run out of space in the Hard Drives, we usually end up copying same stuff twice to thrice and forget to delete it after our work is done. so the solution to that is Duplicate Cleaner, it automatically scans the Computer Hard Disk for Duplicate Files.

How to watch Netflix outside USA – UnoTelly

How to watch Netflix outside USA   UnoTellyHello to everyone all of us like watching TV and mostly due to internet now we watch Movies, TV episodes on Internet mostly through Netflix or Hulu or any other such providers but most of these providers only provides viewing to selected regions only, such as USA and UK.

How to Create MultiBoot Flash Drive

How to Create MultiBoot Flash DriveCreating MultiBoot Flash Drive is really useful when you like to have many OS (Operating Systems) in your Pocket. well the ideology behind creating a MultiBoot Flash Drive is simple that is to carry all your favorite Operating Systems with you, and whenever you need. you all might be thinking why do I need this ? well the answer is pretty simple, you cannot carry the CD/DVD everytime you want to Boot or Format, well nowadays most of people use USB over CD/DVD because it is much more faster and reliable, you CD can get scratched or your CD/DVD ROM might get damaged and stop functioning, then you cannot use that CD of the Operating System. but every computer has many USB Ports at least 4 of them at the Back.

Alternate Table Row Color

Alternate Table Row ColorToday I m going to show you how to alternate table Row color by 2 different Method one includes CSS3 and other jQuery both are pretty simple, so I guess you might wanna know what is all this, you might have seen on many websites or blogs that nowadays in table you see that each row has different color alternately, well some people do it the hard way and some the easy way, today I will show you all the easy way to do it.

6 Tips for Printing From Your Web Browser

6 Tips for Printing From Your Web Browser
Source: Mary-Lynn

Printing a site through your web browser might seem like the simplest thing in the world. However, some sites out there are that aren’t all that printer friendly. There are some ways to make printing through your web browser easier to accomplish as well as easier to decipher once printed out.

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