How to Create MultiBoot Flash Drive

How to Create MultiBoot Flash DriveCreating MultiBoot Flash Drive is really useful when you like to have many OS (Operating Systems) in your Pocket. well the ideology behind creating a MultiBoot Flash Drive is simple that is to carry all your favorite Operating Systems with you, and whenever you need. you all might be thinking why do I need this ? well the answer is pretty simple, you cannot carry the CD/DVD everytime you want to Boot or Format, well nowadays most of people use USB over CD/DVD because it is much more faster and reliable, you CD can get scratched or your CD/DVD ROM might get damaged and stop functioning, then you cannot use that CD of the Operating System. but every computer has many USB Ports at least 4 of them at the Back.

Alternate Table Row Color

Alternate Table Row ColorToday I m going to show you how to alternate table Row color by 2 different Method one includes CSS3 and other jQuery both are pretty simple, so I guess you might wanna know what is all this, you might have seen on many websites or blogs that nowadays in table you see that each row has different color alternately, well some people do it the hard way and some the easy way, today I will show you all the easy way to do it.

6 Tips for Printing From Your Web Browser

6 Tips for Printing From Your Web Browser
Source: Mary-Lynn

Printing a site through your web browser might seem like the simplest thing in the world. However, some sites out there are that aren’t all that printer friendly. There are some ways to make printing through your web browser easier to accomplish as well as easier to decipher once printed out.

Skype crashes on Startup

Skype crashes on StartupFew days back I started Skype , from then Skype crashes on startup it used crash frequently I even was not able to login to the Skype just I hit the Skype icon and it used to crash. I tried most of all the methods like reinstalling and new installation none of those worked. I also tried to find on Google but nothing worked for me.

How to download torrents without utorrent

How to download torrents without utorrentwhenever we go to download Torrents we need to use uTorrent or BitTorrent or any other BitTorrent client. BitTorrent clients are used to download .torrent files and has been mostly used over the globe, BitTorrent is a P-2-P(Peer 2 Peer) sharing software working on BitTorrent Protocol written by Bram Cohen.

How to hide a Drive/Partition

How to hide a Drive/PartitionHi friends this post will tell you how to hide drive in windows. if you have ever thought to hide any drive then this will be the easiest way that you can get online. its quit too easy to Hide a Drive in Windows.

How to bypass CPAlead Surveys

How to bypass CPAlead SurveysHi today i m going to tell you how to by pass CPAlead Surveys. CPAlead is a growing website that enables webmasters to earn some money through surveys. CPAlead shows their surveys on the page were visitors lands and then visitor have to complete the Survey to get the access to the Content of website. Some times the user completes his surveys but still he does not get the  access and thats very bad and most of time CPAlead is also consider as a Spam Site their are also many people who did not received their money its sad that they worked and they got nothing in return but now keep that thing aside and lets come to main point.

How to Digg Post Automatically

How to Digg Post AutomaticallyDigg is used by many of us as a Social Bookmarking site because Digg brings traffic to the site if you digg a post , it also get Indexed in Google , If your site does not get that well indexed. you can Digg Post Automatically. This will Help you A Lot in the Point of visitors and many more good uses are their of Digg , If People likes your Post they will Digg it also and if you get a numerous of digg in a short period of time you will be listed on the Front Page of the Digg Website Ultimately you will be in looks of millions of people and Google will go through your website plus many more search engines .

According to Wikipedia :

Digg is a social news website. Formerly, the site’s cornerstone function consisted of letting people vote stories up or down, called digging and burying, respectively, but as of Digg v4, the “bury” function has been removed. Digg’s popularity has prompted the creation of other social networking sites with story submission and voting systems. The website traffic ranked 117th by as of October 20, 2010. Quantcast estimates Digg’s monthly U.S. unique visits at 15.1 million.

Follow the below steps to Digg your Post Automatically :

  1. Go to Digg and Login in their
  2. Then go in Settings
  3. Then Click on Import Feeds
  4. In Import Feeds add the Feed URL of your Blog , or if your using Feedburner you can use it then
  5. The Complete Verification Procedure and you are done

Now your Posts will be Automatically digg. Hope you like this if you get any error don’t hesitate to contact me or Digg

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