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FastestFox - Browse Faster

Hello to all of you today I m going to tell you about a great addon of Firefox with use of it you can surf the Internet Quickly and with great features. it is the one of the great Addon yet made for firefox and is used widely on the internet because it makes the work easy using it.

what does the Fastestfox says

Save time by speeding up repetitive tasks. Get faster, parallelized downloads, see definitions, auto-load the next page, improve searching, and more. FastestFox will dramatically enhance your productivity!

According to wikipedia

FastestFox (previously called SmarterFox) is a free, open source Firefox extension which aims to make Wikipedia more convenient to use from the browser. It adds a "related articles" box to the left side of Wikipedia and integrates Wikipedia's search features into Firefox. It is aimed at Wikipedia power users.As of October 2010, FastestFox has been downloaded over 7,600,000 times

What are its features ?

  • Automatically loads the next page
  • Helps users to search the word or phrase directly on google in single click
  • Improves Search
  • Search Directly on Wikipedia
  • Gives The Meaning of a word or a phrase quickly from Wikipedia
  • Gives option to search on other search engines also
  • Parallel Downloads

As Per Testing from me i have found that this is very useful addon.

Get this Addon from Here : FastestFox

This Addon is also available for Google Chrome

Get FastestChrome from Here : FastestChrome

FoxTab - 3d exprience while browsing

FoxTab is an every good addon for firefox with its help you can explore your browsing in a 3d manure. An absolute Excellence addon for firefox which might be difficult to get.Quickly access your chosen top sites, reopen a recently closed tab, or flip between the currently opened tabs.To better distinguish between the various views, you can set a different layout and theme for each one of them.From the options panel, you can also set the Top Sites view as the default new tab page.

Main Features :

  • Visual access to your favorite top sites.
  • Reopen a recently closed tab.
  • Flip between currently opened tabs.
  • 6 layouts to choose from.
  • For each layout, select the perspective that you find the most fun and useful to use.
  • Customize the way FoxTab looks with a set of predefined themes or by creating your own customized theme.
  • Display thumbnails in Landscape and Portrait orientation.
  • Launch FoxTab with your keyboard or mouse.

Beauty at your fingertips
It’s about time to throw some colors into your FoxTab. Select a predefined Theme or customize one of your own.

3D Perspecitve
3D Perspective brings the vivaciousness element to FoxTab. There's never been a better and more visually stunning way to flip between tabs and windows.

Screenshots :

Download : Click Here

After downloading refer to this page for how to easily use it : Click Here

SkipScreen:Download From Rapid Share,Mega upload,Media Fire or Any Hosting SiteWith Out Waiting For Seconds (Download In Single Click)

All Of You May Know About Rapid Share,Mega upload,Media Fire. If Not Then They are Hosting Site Which gives you latest Stuff On Web2.0 To Download And Upload.For Fast Download You Need Premium Account Otherwise You Have To Wait For Some Time If You Want To Download All For Free.But Today i am giving You One Firefox Add-one.

Skipscreen is a free and handy Firefox plugin designed to auto-clicks through the ad-screens of the hosting site. Once you click on a download link, SkipScreen will do all the work until the file starts downloading. So if you a hardcore file downloader this is a must have add-ons. 

Just to share Skipscreen has already crossed 1 million download and the download only seems increasing. Click the below link to try it for yourself. 

Please Share Your Experience Below

Hack passwords in Firefox

Whenever you log in to a website using your username and password, you'll be prompted by Firefox whether you'd like Firefox to remember this password.

If you click on Remember, the next time you visit the website, it'll automatically enter the username and password for your convenience.

Now, back to the topic. Let's say you saved your GMail password in Firefox. After months or years gone by and you don't remember the password you set for my GMail. You started to panic and desperately need to get back your GMail password.

Don't worry, here's how you can find the hidden GMail password in Firefox.

Firefox is much better than Internet Explorer in terms of managing "remembered" logins. In Internet Explorer, there is no built-in feature where you can manage or view your saved login information. That's why you need third party tools to reveal the passwords hidden under asterisks. As for Firefox, you can access remembered passwords with a few clicks.

To view your remembered passwords in Firefox browser, go to Tools, and click on Options. Go to Security tab and click on the Show Passwords button. A remember password dialog box will appear. Click on the Show Passwords button again and a new column with password will appear.

Find out what a Website is built with - Wappalyzer

Coding LanguagesWhenever you visit a website you feel like finding out what this website is made of or is built with, so that you can create a similar website or just for information purposes, if you are an experienced web developer you can easily understand what a website is made with, but if you are not then don't worry there are various ways to find out and there are lots software out their to help you.

Hide or Show Label Count In Blogger

I Know Many Of You Have Tried Label Widget in Blogger. And You Know That Blogger Is Displaying Label Count Some people prefer not to display the label count in their blogs as it looks a bit unprofessional. Lets say if you have a label 'Funny sms' with 50 label count and another one ' Good morning sms' with 2 as label count... less people will show interest on clicking the second one.

 So, lets see how to hide or remove the Label count in your blogger blog(s)...

1. Sign into Blogger dashboard » Layout » Edit html

Tick the expand widget templates and remove this line from the template..

<span dir='ltr'>(<data:label.count/>)</span>

2. Save Changes

You Are Done!!

Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 1

Hello to you, do you know after the success of mozilla firefox 3 mozilla is developing its forth version and it has released Firefox 4 beta 1 . As all of you know Mozilla Firefox is considered the best browser in the world and Most of the Users of the Net Uses firefox so its got a demand.

Features :

  1. WebSockets

    Developers will be able to build real-time online interactions like gaming and chatting.

  2. Stylin’ Pages with CSS3

    With support for new CSS3 features, web designers can make their pages both look prettier and display faster.

  3. HTML5 Support

    A new HTML5 parser and full support for web video, audio, drag & drop, and file handling means Firefox 4 is ready to run the best web apps of both today and tomorrow.

  4. Web Console

    With this experimental analysis tool for modern sites, Firefox allows you to peek under the hood of dynamic web pages.

  5. JetPack SDK (Making Add-On Development Easier)

    Add-Ons can be installed without restarting the browser, and can be developed more easily using the new JetPack SDK and js-ctypes.

  6. Indexed DB

    Developers will be able to store application data locally, making cloud applications like Gmail or GDocs work more quickly and reliably, even when not connected to a network.

  7. Crash Protection

    Firefox provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows, Linux, and now Mac when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins. If one of these commonly-used plugins crashes or freezes, it won’t affect the rest of Firefox. Instead, you can simply reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

  8. New Add-Ons Manager

    An easier way to manage your add-ons and discover new options for personalizing your browsing.

  9. WebM and HD Video

    As pioneers of HTML5 video standards, Firefox also supports the WebM format so you can watch open HD quality video.

  10. Protecting Your Privacy

    Firefox puts your privacy first, fixing flaws in some web standards that allow bad guys to snoop around and expose your browser history.

So I think now you all are impressed and wanted to download it so Download it from here.

How to Load Web Page Faster using Prefetch and Prerender

Well every one likes a website that is Quick. But sometimes whatever we try somethings are impossible or out of our control, because sometimes we cannot invest huge money on Servers and CDN networks for making our website load faster or hire a Web Optimizer. So the solution to those is Modern Web Tricks like Prefetch and Prerender.

Set More Than One Firefox Homepage

For those Firefox advocates including me myself, I relish the thought of knowing another simple trick about the ever powerful Firefox itself that will enhance my web experience. A little unknown feature available in your latest version of Firefox 3 is that is allows you to set more than on homepage. What i mean is that you can now open several instances of Firefox homepage when you first execute and run the popular web browser.

Select and follow the following directions on how to set and run more than one homepage in Firefox.

Tools -> Options -> Main (Home Page)

After which, simply separate each desired homepage with "|". For example assuming you would like to make Facebook and Google to start up together when your launch Firefox, it should reflect as follows:

Well so what do you think of this simple trick that you've just learnt? Not too tough huh?

Make Firefox Work Faster Than Ever

1. Enter the Configuration panel of firefox by about:config in address-bar .

2. Search and Set
browser.cache.disk.capacity to 3/4 th of existing value.

3.Search and set
browser.cache.memory.capacity to 3/4 th of existing value.

4. Restart you firefox.

Place Your FaceBook Chat On Your FireFox Sidbar With This Simple Guide

Yes, I am True You Can Put Your FaceBook Chat on Your Face Book Chat On Your SideBar Of YOur Firefox Browser With This Simple Guid of Firefox hacks

Steps You Have To Follow:-

Step 1

Look for Bookmarks on the top navigation. Select Organize Bookmarks…

Step 2

Click New Bookmark... tab and enter the following:


Step 3

Launch the Firefox sidebar, click Facebook Chat and start chatting with your Facebook contacts within Firefox.
facebook chat

How To Make Any Firefox Add-on Compatible with All Versions

Sometimes trying out newer versions of Firefox, especially ones that are still in beta, comes at a cost. Since the version you’re running is so new, add-on developers haven’t had the chance to update their add-ons to work with the newer versions.

So this is when you stumble upon an add-on that conveys the following message to you: “This add-on is for older versions of Firefox”.

Fix Incompatible Add-ons

Since your sights are set on using Firefox extensions that keep telling you they’re incompatible with the version you have, and downgrading a version or two isn’t an option, now you can discover a nifty tool called Nightly Tester Tools.

Ironically this is a Firefox add-on that will help you make all other incompatible extensions compatible with the browser version you’re running.

What’s Next

The first step you need to take is to download Nightly Tester Tools here, if you haven’t already

Next if you still have the extension that was disabled when you upgraded to a newer version of Firefox in your add-ons menu, then you will go to Tools/Add-ons and right-click on your disabled extension, then choose Override Compatibility.

now it will ask you to confirm your selection by clicking Force Install.

Bonus Features

Here you thought it was the end of this add-ons story but actually there are a few other features that this extension allows you to take full advantage of.

With Nightly Tester Tools you’re also able to take screenshots of any webpage and save them in JPEG format. You can easily restore tabs from a previous session if it just so happens that your PC froze and you didn’t have time to properly close your browser window.

Feel free to test all other Nightly Tester Tools features and let us know how you like them in a comment below!

Add, Edit or Delete Labels In Blogger / BlogSpot Blogs

Your blog must be having more than one labels or categories, and when a visitor visits your blog from search engines like Google or Yahoo, then most probably he/she will land on a specific page/post of your blog. And if the reader likes the post, he/she will definitely search for similar topics on the blog, and this is exactly where, labels and categories will help the visitor. But again, the number and names of the labels are very important.

May be, initially you would not have given enough importance to these labels. And now when you realized the importance, you may find tens and hundreds of posts in your blog with improper labels, which need to be edited, or you may even want to delete some of the labels you have already added, or you may want to add some new labels to your previous posts.

Blogger does help you to do this quite easily, but I still think that they should make it even more better !
Anyways here's how you can edit, add or delete labels in Blogger.
Log in to Blogger, in the Posting section, click on Edit Posts.

See the highlighted regions in the image above.
As soon as you click on Edit posts, you will see all posts written by you (select posts per page as 300 in the right corner of the page).

1. Now to delete any label, click on "Select All". Then in the drop down menu "Labels action", under "Remove label" option you will see the list of all labels, click on the one, you want to remove for ever.

2. To add a label, select all the posts, you want to add the label. Then in the drop down menu "Labels action", under "Apply label" option click on New label.... Finally enter the name of the new label.

3. And in case you want to edit a label, unfortunately there's no direct option given by Blogger.
So do this, firstly in the list of labels column, present at the left side of the page, click on the label you want to edit. Now only those posts are displayed which have this label. Now add a temporary label to these posts. Then delete the label, you want to edit. Now click on the temporary label in the labels list. Now add the new label. Then finally delete the temporary label.

WordPress Optimization

Today i m going to tell you about WordPress Optimization , Nowadays with the Craze of SEO (search Engine Optimization) People also want that their site to be Optimized , Optimization means

improving a system to reduce runtime, bandwidth, memory requirements, or other property of a system

Make Mozilla Run At Blazing Speed

These are few steps to make your firefox run at lightining speed

1. first in the URL bar, Type “about:config”. This will bring up a list of commands and variables you can edit.
2. The second step is to put “network.http.pipelining” in the filter and change the value to “true”.
3. After that you will want to put “network.http.proxy.pipelining” in the filter.
Like the last one, make that value set to “true” also.
4. Next, locate “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” and change the value to some number higher, say 10,20 or even 30, it would make up to 10,20 or 30 requests at once.
5. The last step is to right click anywhere and select “New” then “Integer”. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and make its value “0?. This will make the browser respond faster on the information of the websites it receives.
6. Close out FireFox (make sure FireFox is closed by viewing the Task Manager) and restart it and enjoy the new mega speed.

How to Save Online Flash Games and Greetings from the Internet for Offline Play ?

Here is a simple trick to download Flash games from the Internet.If you are searching for games then head over to MiniClips website which has some of the top flash games.Also search the online world to find tons of interesting and addictive flash games.

Save Online Flash Games Using Simple Trick in Firefox

* Save Online Flash Games and Greetings from the InternetOpen the flash game in the firefox browser.
* Click on “Tools” from the firefox menu when the game webpage loads completely.

* Go to “Page info” which opens a dialog box as shown.
* Press the “Media” tab which will list all the components in the current webpage such as images, swf flash files and other scripts if at all they are present on the page.
* Click on “Type” which will show the compone
nts in a specific order.
* Scroll down and search for “Embed” files, the one with .Swf extension having larger file size is your flash game. (See Below)

  • Select the file, “Save as” and you are done!

This trick is applicable to some of the basic flash games which embeds swf file to the page.To start saving flash games to play in offline mode you must be using Mozilla Firefox browser.

How To Make or Create Greasemonkey Scripts or User Scripts : Tutorial

Greasemonkey is Mozilla Firefox extension that allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. Here is an E-Book which helps you in creating user scripts.

This book contains topics on how to create userscripts, debugging userscripts and lots of other tips.

Download Instructions : Click here to download the E-Book.

Credits :

How to backup and restore my Internet Favorites / Bookmarks.

Although there are several third-party software programs that will enable you to backup, restore, and manage your Internet browser bookmarks or favorites, all modern browsers today include bookmark managers and are capable of backing up and restoring your bookmarks and/or favorites. Below is a listing of each of the major browsers and how to backup and recover your Internet bookmarks or favorites.

Tip: If you've considered moving from one browser to another you can often backup your bookmarks in one browser and then follow the below restore tips to import those bookmarks into your new browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Note: By default, Microsoft Internet Explorer will save your bookmarks as bookmark.htm.

Internet Explorer 5.0 and above users backing up favorites.

1. Within Internet Explorer, click the File menu and "Import and Export...".
2. Within the Import and Export window click Next.
3. Click "Export Favorites" and click Next.
4. Select the folder wish to backup; if you wish to backup all favorites, leave the Favorites folder highlighted and click Next.
5. Select the destination you wish to save the favorites and click Next.
6. Click Finish.

Internet Explorer 5.0 and above recovering backup files from an Internet Explorer or Netscape backup.

1. Within Internet Explorer, click the File menu and "Import and Export...".
2. Within the Import and Export window click Next.
3. Click "Import Favorites" and click Next.
4. Select the location that contains your favorites and click Next.
5. Select where you with to save your favorites and click Next.
6. Click Finish.

Mozilla Firefox

Recent versions of Firefox backup

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Click Bookmarks and then "Organize Bookmarks".
3. Click "Export HTML" or Click "Import and Backup" and then "Backup". We suggest Exporting to HTML since all browsers support the ability to easily read these files.
4. Type the filename you wish to save the file as and the destination and then click the Save button.

Recovering favorites in recent versions of Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Click Bookmarks and then "Organize Bookmarks".
3. Click "Import and Backup".
4. If the file is a JSON file click "Restore" and choose file. If the file is a .HTM/.HTML file or other browser file click "Import HTML" and follow the import wizzard.

Other versions of Firefox backup

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Click Bookmarks and then "Manage Bookmarks".
3. In the Bookmarks Manager window click File and choose Export.
4. By default your bookmarks file will be called bookmarks.html. Choose the location you wish to save the bookmarks file to and click the Save button.


Note: By default, Netscape will save your bookmarks as bookmarks.html.

Netscape Communicator / Netscape 7.0 and above users backing up bookmarks

1. Within Netscape, click Bookmarks and "Manage Bookmarks..." or CTRL+B.
2. Within the Bookmark manager click Tools and Export
3. Select where you wish to export the file and click ok.

Netscape Communicator / Netscape 7.0 and above users recovering backup files from Netscape backup or Internet Explorer.

1. Within Netscape, click Bookmarks and "Manage Bookmarks..." or CTRL+B.
2. Within the Bookmark manager click Tools and Import
3. Select the file you wish to Import and click open.


Note: By default, Opera will save your bookmarks as Opera6.adr. If your version of Opera is not 6, this filename may change.

Opera users backing up your bookmarks

1. Within Opera, click the File menu and Export.
2. Select the destination to where you wish to save the backup of your favorites to and click Save.

Opera users recovering a backup of your bookmarks.

1. Within Opera, click the File menu and Import.
2. Select "Opera bookmarks", "Netscape bookmarks", or "Internet Explorer favorites" depending on which bookmarks or favorites you wish to recover.
3. Select the file or folder you wish to recover.
4. Click ok.

Compress Your Images To The Last Bytes With Smush It

If you have followed my posts previously, you will know that I am a fanatic in optimizing my site for the best performance. One of the thing that I do is to optimize and reduce the images to the smallest possible size without losing the visual quality.
If you are wondering why reducing the size of your images can help in the site’s performance, basically the bigger the size of your images, the slower it takes for the server to load, and the higher probability that your server will crash when you experience a traffic spike (like reach Digg front page). In addition, if you are hosting your images on a third party site, like Amazon S3, having a smaller image also mean lesser cost as the charge is based on the bandwidth and storage space used. is a service developed by the Yahoo Exceptional Performance team, aimed to improve the performance of your site. What SmushIt does is to strip all the metadata from the images and compress them using an optimization algorithm that will not only reduce the size, but also preserve the visual quality. When I first used it, I were surprised to see a 30% reduction in the size of the image that I have optimized in Photoshop. Most of the time that I use Smushit, it is able to shave 10-50%, occasionally 80% off the image size.
There are several ways that you can utilize Smush it.

Upload your image

If you have some images in your computer that you want to optimize, you can easily upload your images to Smushit via the onsite uploader. There is no limit to the number of images that you can upload, but do bear in mind that the more you upload, the slower it is.

Image URL

Instead of uploading, you can also point Smushit to a Web URL (for example, your site) and get it to analyze and optimize all the images in that URL.

Firefox extension

This is by far, my favorite way of using Smushit. If you are using Firefox browser, you can install the Smushit Firefox extension and have quick access to it anytime, anywhere. When you are on a web page (perhaps when you are previewing your post article in your site) and you want to optimize the images on that page, simply click on the SmushIt icon on the Status bar and it will analyze and optimize all the images on that page.
Alternative to the Firefox extension is the bookmarklet that you can place on your Bookmark bar.

The result

Once SmushIt has optimized your images, it will show a report of how many bytes it has shaved off the original images and provide you a link to the zipped files of all the compressed images.

WordPress Plugin

Another thing, if you are using WordPress, there is also a Smushit plugin that you can use. Once you have activated the plugin, all the images that you upload to your site will automatically run through SmushIt behind the scene. There is nothing extra that you need to do. Alternatively, you can go to your Media Library in WordPress and process your existing images with SmushIt.

Have you tried out SmushIt? Is it useful to you? Share with us in the comments.