How to Start and Stop an application on Startup in Mac

How to Start and Stop an application on Startup in MacWhenever we start our computer there starts some bunch of applications that sometime slows the startup and sometime we need some application to start automatically, instead of manually starting them whenever the computer starts such as Chat services. So today I will tell you How to start and stop applications on startup in Mac OS X

How to Increase Dropbox upload speed

How to Increase Dropbox upload speedDropbox as a cloud storage service is very popular and almost everyone uses it, I use dropbox with few people as a collaborator and after finishing my work I try to upload the files, but it takes forever to upload, literally it takes hours for a few low res images which at most are of 400KB.

How to download Subtitles from YouTube Videos

How to download Subtitles from YouTube VideosWatching YouTube videos in foreign language is pretty common nowadays and is fairly possible because YouTube provides the option of Captions or commonly known as Subtitles. they make it easy to understand the content of the video even if we don’t know the language they are talking in, but what will happen when you download the YouTube video?

How to edit Hosts file on Windows, Mac and Linux

How to edit Hosts file on Windows, Mac and LinuxToday we are going to edit hosts file on our Operating System (Windows, Mac and Linux). In each and every Operating system a host file exists, which is used for mapping an IP address to a Hostname, which is somewhat similar to a DNS server, so I like to call my Hosts file a local DNS server, because it overrides the DNS servers and points to the IP address we provided for the hostname.

LastPass – Free Password Manager

LastPass   Free Password ManagerToday, I will be sharing with you all LastPass the free password manager, which will help us manage our passwords for different websites. Because nowadays we visit and register on various websites on a daily basis and we cannot remember all the passwords we use for different websites, so we just re-use the one which we always use, which I like to call the “Default” Password.

Demonoid is Back Online

Demonoid is Back OnlineHello everyone, as most of you might know Demonoid is a online torrent tracker which was created by anonymous Serbian known only by the pseudonym “Deimos” and “Zajson”. The tracker used to index torrents uploaded by users and the site was the 2nd largest torrent tracker after The Pirate Bay. But was the largest one when pirate bay was temporarily taken down, after that pirate bay came back online. But a tragedy befalls us all.

How to download Specific parts of YouTube videos

How to download Specific parts of YouTube videosDownloading YouTube videos is fairly easy and almost everyone can do it but the problem arises when you want to download a Specific parts of the video (Like from a Full Length Movie).

You can download the full video and later edit it to your specifications, for that you have to download the complete video. So today we will look at a much simpler and cool solution that I found out.

Top 5 free online Gaming Sites

Top 5 free online Gaming SitesGaming is one of the things that everyone does when we are bored, tired or just want to have some fun. Online gaming is a great way to try new games due to their massive range, and because many of these online games are free. Another fantastic feature that is online games websites are beginning to introduce is community gaming. Whereby you are able to sign up and play amongst friends, or with other people that you meet in the games lobby’s. Making it more entertaining than simply playing against a computer. Due to this massive rise in online gaming, I thought I would share with you my favourite sites where you can play a huge range of games all for free.

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