How to download Specific parts of YouTube videos

How to download Specific parts of YouTube videosDownloading YouTube videos is fairly easy and almost everyone can do it but the problem arises when you want to download a Specific parts of the video (Like from a Full Length Movie).

You can download the full video and later edit it to your specifications, for that you have to download the complete video. So today we will look at a much simpler and cool solution that I found out.

Top 5 free online Gaming Sites

Top 5 free online Gaming SitesGaming is one of the things that everyone does when we are bored, tired or just want to have some fun. Online gaming is a great way to try new games due to their massive range, and because many of these online games are free. Another fantastic feature that is online games websites are beginning to introduce is community gaming. Whereby you are able to sign up and play amongst friends, or with other people that you meet in the games lobby’s. Making it more entertaining than simply playing against a computer. Due to this massive rise in online gaming, I thought I would share with you my favourite sites where you can play a huge range of games all for free.

How to Create App shortcut in Windows 8

How to Create App shortcut in Windows 8Windows 8 have various wonderful apps for it, but some people or you say can many people hate to start it using Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI). because it takes time for going to it when you are frequently using it. so today I m going to show you How to Create app shortcut in Windows 8 so that you can start the apps through desktop.

Windows 8 slows down on 100% disk usage and Freezes

Windows 8 slows down on 100% disk usage and FreezesRecently my Windows 8 computer kept on freezing when I was working on it and it was terrible whenever I saw in task manager it showed that my Disk Usage is 100% and kept on freezing frequently because of it, I was unable to Work. there was no task that required excessive disk usage but it always displayed 100% now that is troublesome.

How to Skip to Desktop in Windows 8

How to Skip to Desktop in Windows 8Ever since Windows 8 was released their was hype for Start Menu and Metro UI which Microsoft introduced, the changes where rapid so people started having trouble getting used to new Windows 8, and this especially became troublesome for people who use their PC for production and business purposes and in One those problems was that at the start we had to see the new Metro UI which many people didn’t like. So today we will learn How to Skip to Desktop in Windows 8 from Metro UI.

Find out what a Website is built with – Wappalyzer

Find out what a Website is built with   WappalyzerWhenever you visit a website you feel like finding out what this website is made of or is built with, so that you can create a similar website or just for information purposes, if you are an experienced web developer you can easily understand what a website is made with, but if you are not then don’t worry there are various ways to find out and there are lots software out their to help you.

Cannot Open Google or Gmail in Google Chrome

Cannot Open Google or Gmail in Google ChromeWhenever I’m on Windows 8 and try to open Google or Gmail in Chrome (Or any other service associated with Google) it mostly likely does not load and Chrome throws error of either Nameserver not found, or any other random error but if you try to visit these sites by using a different browser then it loads quickly.

well usually google is mostly my homepage so it is irritating whenever you open a browser and if the first page does not load, it feels like as if the Internet is disconnected. According to my guess most of the people also have their homepage as google, so I can feel how irritating it is to see the first page throwing around an error.

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