How to Download Documentation for offline viewing - Dash

Programmers learns various languages and write programs, but as we all are humans there are times when we forget a function, or just need to reference a function or API properties or just view how to properly use that property. Because of that we go the Documentation page of the Programming Language, in that process we lose precious time by Opening a Browser, then doing a Google Search and viewing the Documentation page.

But what happens when you are offline and you cannot access the internet, then How do you view Documentation page for that Purpose there is Dash the offline Documentation browser.

Demonoid Invitation Code Giveaway

Demonoid LogoDemonoid Invitation codes are used to register on the Demonoid website whenever their registration is turned off for visitors. To register on demonoid website at that time visitors require an invitation code, which they can get from their friends or other users who are already registered on Demonoid.

How to retrieve my Demonoid username

Demonoid LogoYesterday a reader asked for How to get back his details when he was registered on Demonoid before it went down. As most of you might know Demonoid tracker was down for over a span of 2 years and just recently came back online. Over these long 2 years, many of the users have forgotten their passwords and username for their user accounts on Demonoid. So let's take a look at how we can recover those:

How to Hide Desktop Icons in Mac

Apple MacWe sometimes take screenshots or videos of Desktop and at that time the Desktop is cluttered with Applications icons, files and folders and other things. Which does not look good on video or screenshot or some even need to hide those for Presentations using a projector, but like windows there is no option of hiding Desktop icons in Mac.

How to Increase Dropbox upload speed

DropboxDropbox as a cloud storage service is very popular and almost everyone uses it, I use dropbox with few people as a collaborator and after finishing my work I try to upload the files, but it takes forever to upload, literally it takes hours for a few low res images which at most are of 400KB.

How to download Subtitles from YouTube Videos

YouTubeWatching YouTube videos in foreign language is pretty common nowadays and is fairly possible because YouTube provides the option of Captions or commonly known as Subtitles. they make it easy to understand the content of the video even if we don't know the language they are talking in, but what will happen when you download the YouTube video?

How to edit Hosts file on Windows, Mac and Linux

How to Edit hosts fileToday we are going to edit hosts file on our Operating System (Windows, Mac and Linux). In each and every Operating system a host file exists, which is used for mapping an IP address to a Hostname, which is somewhat similar to a DNS server, so I like to call my Hosts file a local DNS server, because it overrides the DNS servers and points to the IP address we provided for the hostname.